Young Blood exhibitions

Young Blood 2

In three exhibitions, the Macelleria d’arte gives young artists the opportunity to present their works to an interested audience under the title “Young Blood”. This with the intention of promoting young talents.
After a successful first edition, the second part of the exhibition series is now followed. The 30-year-old graduates of art academies come from Winterthur, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Zurich.

They show their latest works, including drawings, paintings, sculptures and video works. You are provided with a standing artist, in this edition it is Pirmin Breu. He successfully combines elements of graffiti with traditional folk art.
In the third and final edition of “Young Blood” only artists will be present:

Vernissage 12.5.2018 with mentor Pirmin Breu.
Participating artists: Sugar Mirko, Fabian Gemperle, Rouven Lemon, Sandi Gaziç, Nico Kast, Sebastian Quast, Lionel David, Nicola Grabiele, Christian Scheidegger, Fabian Frei, Marco Timeless and Pirmin Breu.
Vernissage: Friday, 30.3.18, from 6 p.m.; Apero and Bar by Saro

Middle Sage: Friday, 20.4.18, from 6 p.m.; Bar and music by “Band with birds”: Smooth electronic Improvised Music

Finissage: Friday, 4.5.18, from 6 pm Apero and bar with Saro, music by Yuri Legal.

Macelleria d’arte, Francesco Bonanno, Raiffeisen Platz 6, 9000 St. Gallen;


Pirmin Breu