Breakup 23. -24.03.2019


After ten years of doing art in Wohlen Pirmin Breu had to cancel his tents in autumn 2016. New space for his creative work he found in the former Fremo Apple juice factory in Muri, which provided a great source of inspiration with the fireplace, which ran through the middle of the studio. Three years ago, the demolition of property on Zentralstrasse 1 in Boswil began. The increasingly emptier rooms inspired Breu to reinvent her, to play with her, to build a bridge to his art with the remnants left behind. With his spray cans, he created unique murals, with the human being at the center. About two years ago, the building was finally broken off, so that his work disappeared. One last time, they flashed as the excavator tore down the walls bit by bit, leaving the murals with a whole new, ever-changing frame. In the end, everything was floor level, and the work was just a memory. He is held solely on the footage. At the end of 2017, Breu had to set off again, because his place of work in Muri, where he had just become a native, was slowly being demolished. He finally found a new studio in Wohlen, in the old premises of the Integra, which promised him that everything would stay that way in the next ten years.


Within three years Pirmin Breu had three different studios. The move was not only logistically a colossal undertaking, but always associated with a lot of pain, Breu but had to leave each time a place that had become over time and with much effort to an inspiring source of his creative work.


So he learned several times what it means to let go, to accept that something old has to be remembered and to trust that something new can develop in the next place.


All this inspired Breu, now, three years after his first departure, to launch the exhibition “BREAKUP” (demolition). At the Aarauerstrasse 22, in the old restaurant of the first Migros in Muri, which he played creatively over and over again in the last ten years. This time, however, it will be the last time. Anyone who thinks that after all these experiences of breaking up and re-establishing himself, Breu would now be experienced enough to take that farewell with ease is wrong. It’s hard for him this time, too. That will probably always be so.


But before that, he uses the moment to show his work of Boswil as part of a video installation, with a clip that lasts about 4 minutes titled “Society,” matching a song by Eddy Vedder, which he used for the soundtrack Film “Into the Wild” produced. In a room installation, utensils from the property in Boswil will also be on display, as well as photographs that make the memory visible in the present.


Society is in transition. To survive, you have to learn to let go and accept the new. It’s the same with material things. What do you need? Do you always have to change the old one so quickly and replace it with something new? These are questions like these that the clip and the exhibition pose. The topic could not be more up-to-date – not only in Switzerland but in the whole world. Opinion has to be formed by each.


The exhibition is open on March 23rd & 24th, from 2 pm to 5 pm, at Aarauerstrasse 22 in Muri, next to the train station. The artist is present.

Pirmin Breu